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“SWEET HEALTH” is the place where natural means healthy; a place for those who believe in the real advantages of honey and dried fruits. We started out of a desire to give you all the best in nature - healthy, natural products derived directly from the small suppliers from the Apuseni Mountains laps, in Valea Barcǎului region. Furthermore, our journey also has a social side: we have proposed to us to get back to the community from where our products originate and to create benefits for it. Therefore, we set up a social enterprise within which we pack the local products: from various types of honey and pollen, up to dried fruits.
Why to consume our products?
- Valea Barcăului honey comes from a clean and pollution free environment;
- buying honey from Valea Barcăului you contribute directly to the education and professional training of children and youth in rural areas and support the small local producers;
- under social aspect, you provide a chance for a better life to community members who become from resource consumers, generators of added value;
- we work with beekeepers that use traditional agricultural and environmentally friendly practices;
- we chose to pack the honey in boxes because „in order to preserve the 70 bioactive substances tested in honey, its heating and exposure to sunlight should be avoided.” (Beekeeper, Oros Iosif);
 - during the entire processing period, the product stays in light for no more than 20 minutes;
- the translucent appearance of the product is due to the filtering technology that we use, technology that allows filtering the honey without heating at temperatures greater than 35 degrees C, that result in the loss of natural and therapeutic properties of honey;
- technology and (the process of products packaging) the equipment used in products packaging are according to the high standards of quality and food safety.

Our Story

History of Valea Barcăului begins in the mists of time, when the Creator left here a piece of His soul, hidden in the fields with flowers, in the crystalline of the water and in the trunks of centennial trees. The story of the honey from here begins more than two millennia ago, when the Romans that arrived in our land, taught us to properly appreciate this elixir of the gods.
We created a model of social integration, with which we support both children and young access to education, and small local producers. Thus, we offer you not only a jar of honey or a box of dried fruit, but the chance to get involved, because with every product that reaches your table, you contribute to the sustainable development of rural community from Valea Barcăului region and become a direct sponsor for children and youth from rural areas without access to education and training. 

Social benefits 

« Sweet Health » it’s also a story about the people we give a chance for a better future, about social integration and benefits that return to the rural community from Valea Barcăului region, where we created this social enterprise. Thus, by exploiting the local resources, the community members improve their incomes and from resources consumers they become added value generators. Moreover, 50 % of the economic benefits from the products sale is reinvested in education, supporting youth and children in rural areas without access to education and training, and the remaining 50% will go towards sustainable development of the social enterprise.

Locally produced, constant development

Because we promote products obtained from local ingredients, we have developed close relationships with those beekeepers and farmers who bring passion to their work and are committed to quality and sustainable development. To know what you eat and to choose a healthy food is equally important as to know the source of it. Thus, inside our social enterprise we pack only the honey and fruit acquired locally, from traditional agricultural and environmentally friendly practices.
In fact, our story is just beginning. With you, with all those who value simple and healthy things given by nature, with those who appreciate natural honey and dried fruit, and those who want to discover the benefits of SWEET HEALTH!